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The mission at NEUMAN EQUINE INSURANCE is to raise the bar of the highest quality of customer service while providing the most complete horse insurance coverage available today.

Alex Neuman will secure for you the best of the current markets rates and coverage’s while maintaining a clear emphasis on discretion, integrity, and professionalism.

Our experience with every value and use of horse insurance needs uniquely qualifies our agency to be able to provide our customers with service excellence that exceeds expectations. We can support all of your horse insurance needs with respect to buying and selling all breeds of horses.  We also secure coverage on any size horse farm or equine related businesses.
Our Lexington, Kentucky based horse insurance agency has the ability to address all of the domestic and international requirements pertaining to horses and your equine-related activities.

All horse insurance policies are subject to the policy wording and the descriptions and illustrations are only an overview of the program.


Alexander Neuman born and raised in Lexington, KY., is currently President of Neuman Equine Insurance.  Alex was previously Director of Sales for Kirk Horse Insurance, an industry leader of equine related insurance products for over 25 years.  Alex's family has raised, sold and raced thoroughbreds since 1897.


Alexander Neuman


Tracey Ferguson, Financial Administrator

Hannah Herzing, Customer Service Representative



located in Lexington, Kentucky

- Horse Mortality
- Horse Farm Coverage
- Race Horse Owner's Liability
- Personal Horse Owner's Liability
- Horse Owner's General Liability
- Show/Event Liability
- Umbrella Liability
- Riding Clubs and Assoc's Liability
- Equine Care, Custody, Control
- Veterinary Certificate
- Statement of Health